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  CDC: Minimize contamination from floor-cleaning systems by Robert Kravitz

A recently updated study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) examining the transmission of infections in medical centers – nosocomial infections – specifically looks at contamination transmission via floor cleaning.

The study is called "Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities," 2004.

Nosocomial infections occur in approximately five percent of all U.S. hospital patients, affecting an estimated two million people annually.

The costs of these infections to the healthcare industry are as high as $3.5 billion (2002), and studies indicate that one-third of them can be prevented through effective infection-control programs.

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The CDC study recommends that healthcare facilities review their floor-cleaning systems to help minimize contamination, mentioning specifically the following areas:

Mop buckets and cleaning solution: "Mop bucket solution becomes contaminated almost immediately during cleaning," according to the report, "and continued use of the solution transfers increasing numbers of microorganisms to each subsequent surface to be cleaned."

Cleaning solution preparation: Another "reservoir for microorganisms in the floor-cleaning process is the actual mixture of detergents or cleaning solutions," according to the report, "especially if the solution is prepared in a dirty container, stored for long periods of time, or prepared incorrectly."

Mop heads: The CDC study finds that soiled mop heads are a source of infection transmission and suggests that they be changed frequently, especially when new cleaning solution is used. The study even recommends "the use of disposable mop heads as an alternative – if costs permit."

Robert Kravitz is the president of AlturaSolutions Communications, Chicago.

More proof: No Matter how good your mop is, no matter how good your cleaning solution is, no matter how good or well-trained your mopper is, you cannot mop a floor clean.

The Solution: Use a turbolava and your floors will be clean, dry and safe.



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