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  One of our client says!

My turbolava did amazingly well his job...
I finally got thru traveling and being virused and put the turbolava onto an undulating tile floor last weekend. The unit did amazingly well. I did have to run over the surface without the squeegee down to give the solution more dwell time before pickup, but the tiles cleaned up very nicely and the grout lines looked good after a pickup run. Unit cleans up easily and best of all, i used less than 2 gals of solution to do the area. with the truck mount and a hard surface high pressure tool, we would have run thru 120 gals of rinse water! Touch up with a damp mop after pickup was all that was required. I will experiment with different detergents. This time i used actium. Dilution can be 1 oz. per gal. will also try damp mop (spartan).



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