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Turbolava Maxi  
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The turbolava® Maxi has two counter rotating brushes or pad drivers that will clean a path of 17”. It can be used on all types of floors Concrete, Slate, Marble, Wood and the toughest of all to clean Textured and Grouted Ceramic Tile. The unique split-level brushes rotate at 550 RPM providing the most effective cleaning of any machine on the market.

The same machine will also pick-up the soiled solution into the recovery tank for easy disposal. The full-length squeegee allows for solution recovery up to the wall.

The turbolava® Maxi is built on a stain-less steel frame for years of use.

Easy to use, the turbolava® Maxi is extremely fast and efficient in cleaning small to medium size floors such as, restaurants, hotels, gyms, offices, shops, kitchens, restrooms and hospital operating rooms.

turbolava® Maxi comes equipped with special twin brush design, strong but flexible brushes that work with the contour of the floor and grout. The polyurethane squeegee ensures a seal with the floor for maximum water recovery into the solution tank.

A large selection of optional accessories turns turbolava® into a perfect carpet cleaner and surface polisher.

Technical data
Single phase commutator motor close field
Voltage: 100V 50/60 hz
120V 50/60 hz
230V 50Hz
Input: 640W/700W
Radio interference suppressor
Cleaning width: 17" (43 cm)
Squeegee: 19" (48 cm)
Brush datas: No.2 circular brushes
Brush pressure: 22 lbs. (10 Kg)
Brush speed: 550 rpm
Solution tank capacity: 2 gal. (8 lt.)
Waste water tank capacity: 1 gal. (3 lt.)
Net weight of the machine: 42 lbs. (19 Kg.)
Depression fan speed: 10000 rpm
Depression: 700mm
Body dimensions

22,2" (56,5 cm)
17" (43 cm)
9,5" (51 cm)
the World’s Best Grout Cleaning Machines (PDF)
turbolava® Maxi
turbolava® Maxi

Download the manual of use of turbolava® MAXI
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