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  MODELS AVAILABLE:    turbolava 2000 - turbolava Maxi - turbolava 2M Double - turbolava 35 Plus  

Introducing the Ultimate Floor Cleaning System turbolava

No Matter how good your mop is
No Matter how good your cleaning solution is
No Matter how good or well trained your mopper is

You CANNOT map a floor clean

will put down your cleaning solution and apply
18 + lbs. of constant pressure to two Counter
Rotating Brushes. At 550 (rpms) and with
thousands of bristles contacting the floor you
will be amazed how clean the grout and floor
(tile, concrete, etc.) will be.

But that's not all

The same machine will now pickup
that soiled, greasy water so you can pour it down the drain.

Leaves your floors Clean, Safe and Dry.


turbolava® an excellent line of compact automatic scrubber driers 3 sizes that clean where the bigger machines can’t .

turbolava®lets you apply your cleaning solution, scrub the floor and then pick up the dirty water.

Just like the big guys

In additions turbolava® with a large range of optional brushes can be used for spray buffing and rotary shampoo on carpet. also available pad holders and pads for polishing

Those are things the big guys can not do.



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