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turbolava® 2000 turbolava® MAXI turbolava® 2M DOUBLE turbolava® 35 PLUS
turbolava® 2000 turbolava® MAXI turbolava® 2M DOUBLE turbolava® 35 PLUS
Turbolava a full line of compact automatic floor scrubber- driers and carpet cleaners working with electric cord or with lithium battery, they grant the complete recovery of waste water into a removable tank. Clean and dry in a single pass up to the wall edge ,for a fast and deep cleaning on any kind of floor in small to medium size areas . Easy to use , reliable, manoeuvrable and strong for a long life service, they have the highest cleaning efficiency in its category
  Use a Turbolava to clean patient areas. Your flours will be clean and dry and safe.
Medicare is strongly suggesting that Hospitals survey their patients’ on quality and it will be published on the Internet. A clean room/bathroom rates very high with Hospital patients. Read ...
  One of our client says!
We are impressed and very satisfied with the performances and durability of these units.
  Terrazzo Tile
Years of mopping and occasional scrubbing of this kitchen resulted in what they thought was.
BROWN on BROWN - Terrazzo
The Turbo lava’s - Two 550 rpm - Brushes and Pads - ...
  CDC: Minimize contamination from floor-cleaning systems by Robert Kravitz
A recently updated study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) examining the transmission of infections in medical centers – nosocomial infections – specifically ...
  Maintenance Supplies Magazine
Floor cleaning and, in particular, floor cleaning in food-serving establishments, is an ongoing challenge to every store manager and maintenance crew.
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